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Video, 4:25, 2018

It´s raining and it´s a warm summer night.
I wake up in the middle of the night. My eyes are wide open.
I roll over in the bed to him. I look at him. I slightly touch his shoulder.
He´s asleep. I look through the window and see the sky full of stars.
I go outside and light up a cigarette. I take a hit and walk slowly to the railing and lean onto it.
I look at him and take another hit. I tilt my head backwards and watch the stars.
The smoke comes out of my mouth slowly towards the sky.

I´m walking down the street on that evening. There are bars everywhere, filled  with people laughing and talking. I´m alone and just walking around. I´m not smiling.
Then I see you, standing at the end of the street. It´like looking into the mirror.
We are holding hands, smiling and talking.
We are riding rollercoaster, eating cotton candy, taking pictures in photoboots.
I´m introducing you to my friends and you me to yours.
We walk on a beach, we ride a cabrio  with sunglasses on.
I look at you through the window. You are still sleeping. I turn around and look towards the city lights. I smoke  my cigarette and close my eyes.
There are glasses slowly falling. Empty bottles of wine being smashed onto the ground.
You are yelling and I´m too. I´m crying. You are packing your stuff and leaving.
I slowly slide down to the ground and hold my face in tears.

I´m standing on the balcony  and looking towards the bed. It´s empty. I take the last hit of the cigarette and put it out. I slowly go back to bed and lay down.

I´m walking through the streets alone, I´m riding a rollercoaster, I´m eating cotton candy. I´m taking photos in photoboots. I´m with my friends.
I´m walking on a beach and riding a cabrio wearing sunglasses.

I´m laying in my bed alone and watching the stars through the window.

I close my eyes.

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